ICANA Billing Program

Installment Billing Management Portal

The ICANA Owner-Operator Program is designed for owner-operators working in the intermodal industry. Most of which do not have their own authority but work under contract to a licensed motor carrier. However, in recent years some carriers have required their owner-operators to obtain their individual motor carrier authority; thus this program can provide coverage for owner-operators with or without MC authority. The insurance requirements for owner-operators differ depending on the carrier to whom they are contracted. The program requires auto liability coverage be purchased, while trailer interchange, motor truck cargo, auto physical damage, general liability, and occupational accident & injury are optional.

Benefits of Partnering With ICANA

  • Secure account access and general account maintenance activities
  • One-time payment with your checking account or debit/credit card
  • Future payment scheduling capabilities
  • Online enrollment for automatic payment deduction from your checking account or debit/credit card
  • Secure access to your policyholders’ billing account information
  • Make a policyholder payment from agency trust account or with policyholder payment information
  • Access to the Epitome management system

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